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Expeditions Service – The enterprise

Expeditions Service – The enterprise

The enterprise

The focus of our activities is on the development and sale of outdoor equipment, conversion of vehicles , the construction of all-terrain trailers, the development and construction of special vehicles for hunters, riders, rescue services, etc. as well as the sale of boats and hunting equipment.

Whether you want to enjoy nature on a beautiful hike, boating with luggage and tent on the road, whether you are traveling by 4×4 on slopes in distant lands or want to tackle even the most difficult terrain in your hunting ground with an ATV , we have Everything you need for these challenges and tailored to your specific needs. We are one of the few providers that equip you for both the outdoor and the offroad sector. We offer from ATV about functional clothing, tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor accessories, hunting equipment , off-road vehicle accessories such as winchesSaddle and rifle holders , locks and landing gear up to special special conversions of vehicles, also for the auto industry , everything you need for the design of your free time.

Here you and your wishes are the focus. For you, we create solutions that enable you to fulfill your own personal wishes . We offer comprehensive advice in our personal experience in offroad and outdoor flows.

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