The NatGeo Adventures

National Geographic Adventures

Carroll Dunham and Thomas Kelly are the very definition of modern-day adventurers. They came to the Himalaya decades ago; he as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal, she as a medical anthropologist working with women to promote indigenous healing therapies. Thomas is now a renowned photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic’s magazines, books, and films; Carroll, meanwhile, has authored books and produced films for National Geographic. They still call the Himalaya home, but they’ve discovered a new love: Mongolia. For more than ten years, Carroll, Thomas, and their kids have lived among nomads on the Mongolian steppe every summer—and recently, they decided to share their unique way of life with our adventure travelers. They have helped design a unique horseback trek that will allow you to immerse yourself in nomadic life in Mongolia—and one or both of them will lead the adventure.

From our base at Carroll and Thomas’s private ger camp, you’ll ride across the vast plains on horseback, explore sacred sites, and get to know the nomads. Take time to soak up their peaceful way of life, participate in their festivals, and maybe even learn to wield a traditional bow and arrow.

But it’s not just in Mongolia that you’ll have exceptional experiences like these. In Peru, National Geographic grantee Peter Frost, an archaeologist who has been studying and excavating Inca sites in the Andes for more than twenty years, will join us for dinner and a lecture. National Geographic writer and photographer Kim Heacox will join us for an evening in Alaska to share his stories and photographs before we enjoy rare access to the remote reaches of Alaska’s gorgeous Glacier Bay National Park. Spend full days with the Maasai in Tanzania, learning their daily rituals, bushwalking with them, and attending their ceremonies.

On our adventures to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia we’ll visit a private home in Laos and join a local family for a Buddhist ceremony and dinner.

These experiences transform your trip from a hike through stunning scenery into an eye-opening, authentic, unforgettable adventures.